Steel stove ‘Beata’ 10,7 kW

Steel stove ‘Beata’ 10,7 kW

ENERGETIC CLASS – A. The stove is in conformity with all current standards and regulations regarding its operation and safety. Features the CE mark.
WARRANTY 24 months: the stoves are covered by a 2-year warranty against manufacturing and material defects.
The manufacturer guarantees normal operation of the appliance in compliance with the instructions for installation and maintenance given in the manual for use and maintenance of the stove.

Dimensions 470x370x980 mm
Weight 63 kg
Rated power – 10,7 kW
Fire connector diameter – 120mm

WARRANTY 24 months

This product meets the Ecodesign requirements set out in the provisions of the EC Regulation 2015/1185

EAN code: 5902429960994